Get Yourself Back On Track For Good This Time

Hello Friends!

I know I’ve been away for well over half a year at this stage and at some point in the near future I intend to write a post on the reasons behind that but today is not that day. Instead, I’m going to address a topic that I know a lot of people (myself included) are struggling with right now, namely,  ~Getting back into it~.

It’ being the sort of lifestyle where I don’t view an entire tub of Ben & Jerries as a light snack and consider walking home instead of getting a lift a warrant to have an extra-large fries from Supermacs instead of a regular (Non-Ireland based readers – Supermacs is like McDonalds except for the part where it’s decent, you don’t know what you’re missing).

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Sticking To A Health & Fitness Regime When Travelling Away From Home

Hi Everyone!

That was quite an absence I had there, geology fieldwork does that to a person. I finally got round to writing and then at that exact moment I opened WordPress, the internet kicked it so I had no choice but to sit and play that dinosaur game on the ‘no internet’ Google Chrome screen for like 20 minutes, even though the internet had reconnected in that time. Continue reading

Sweet Treats Sunday – Chocolate Orange Mousse

Hello all!

Hope you’re all having a positive and happy week. Today I’m bringing you the first ever Sweet Treat Sunday segment (on a Tuesday no less thanks to some technical issues but rest assured this was in fact written on a Sunday).

The premise of Sweet Treat Sunday (here on in referred to as STS because I’m too lazy to keep typing it) is simple. We all need treats and treats are even better if they’re high protein and semi-clean. That’s not to say don’t have a creme egg every now and then but gotta use that coconut flour you bought for that one recipe ages ago somehow right? Continue reading

Meal Prepping For Beginners. Episode 1: Dawn Of The Tupperware

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about the delay on this one, y’know when life just doesn’t give you a break for an entire week? That happened. Anyway, I’ve had a request to write a post about meal prepping for beginners which is an excellent idea as for many people, meal prep makes or breaks the success of sticking to a meal plan. Let’s jump right in… Continue reading

Healthy Eating 101 – Salad Is Disgusting and Other Important Scientific Facts

Hello Again,

It’s me with more advice to bestow upon you. Today is all about getting started on that healthy eating thing people keep doing. First things first, it’s doesn’t have to be all avocados on toast and green smoothies if you don’t want it to. Second of all it’s easy as pie (which isn’t actually that easy to make) but it’s not going to seem easy for the first part of this post. Just stay with me though, all will become clear. Continue reading