Sweet Treats Sunday – Chocolate Orange Mousse

Hello all!

Hope you’re all having a positive and happy week. Today I’m bringing you the first ever Sweet Treat Sunday segment (on a Tuesday no less thanks to some technical issues but rest assured this was in fact written on a Sunday).

The premise of Sweet Treat Sunday (here on in referred to as STS because I’m too lazy to keep typing it) is simple. We all need treats and treats are even better if they’re high protein and semi-clean. That’s not to say don’t have a creme egg every now and then but gotta use that coconut flour you bought for that one recipe ages ago somehow right?

The thing about “clean treats” is that, lets be honest, they can taste a bit naff. A lot of protein ball recipes I’ve tried for example, taste entirely like blended dates because, well, they’re blended dates. My point is I want to bring you desserts that are clean/semi-clean and guaranteed delicious but still not an absolute blowout nutrition wise. Sundays are made for treats anyway it’s the rules.

Also in this article I’ll be reviewing Muscle Mousse which is one of the main ingredients in today’s recipe and SmartShake which I use to mix the ingredients. Because I always want to be straight up with you guys I will always be 100% honest with my reviews, for better or worse because this blog is about helping you, not hindering you. I was very kindly sent this product to review by Muscle Mousse as well as a SmartShake shaker so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing and you can make your own decisions from there.

Without further ado, here is the recipe:

Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake

So let’s start with the ingredients…

The Base:

  • 30g Almond meal/ground almonds
  • 30g Coconut flour (You can use entirely almond meal or substitute the coconut flour for oats, I used coconut flour purely because I have it in and I love coconuts)
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut oil (if you don’t like coconut use the KTC brand, it’s the cheapest and it has no smell or flavour)
  • 1/2 Tbsp of natural sweetener of your choice (you can leave this out if carb conscious but it helps the mixture bind. I used coconut nectar but you could use liquid stevia, agave nectar or honey)
  • Pinch of salt

The Pudding:

  • 2 scoops Muscle Mousse Powder in Chocolate available from here
  • 160ml water
  • 1/2-1 Tbsp of juice squeezed from half of an orange

The ‘Cream’

  • 90g Fage Total 0% Greek yoghurt
  • 10 drops MyProtein Flavdrops in White Chocolate (if desired) available from here
  • Cinnamon to decorate
  • Orange zest to decorate
  • Dessicated coconut to decorate
The gang’s all here. Porcelain dinosaur plant potter not mandatory.

Recipe: Ok let’s get this bad boy started!

  1. First of all you’re going to need to make your base. I am a firm believer in no unnecessary blender washing and therefore we will be using our hands for this. This makes a lot of base, more than you’ll need so you can either save it or make multiple pots of this dessert but this recipe is for one decent sized indulgent portion. Combine all base ingredients in a bowl and use your presumably clean hands or a spoon to mix. You should end up with a slightly “wet” yet crumby mixture with the consistency of wet sand. You can play around with the quantities to achieve the consistency you like. 

    See what I mean by wet sand? I made way too much but it’s delicious so y’know.
  2. Take a couple of spoonfuls of this mixture and press it into the bottom of your chosen receptacle to make a layer ~2-3cm thick. Make sure you really pack it down as we’re going to be pouring a liquid on top of this and for aesthetics we don’t really want it seeping into the ‘biscuit’ layer (how are you going to Instagram it if it doesn’t look on point huh). 

    Probably don’t need an instructional picture for this stage but just humour me.
  3. Next we’re going to do the mousse layer. I’m using Muscle Mousse in Milk Chocolate but you could use any flavour you like, amongst others they do White Chocolate and Butterscotch too which would both work well with this recipe. Take your shaker and add 160ml of water. The instruction on the pouch recommend 150ml but personally I found this a little too thick of a consistency for what we are trying to achieve here. Next add two scoops of Muscle Mousse powder (50g) and shake vigorously for 20 seconds, tipping the shaker upside down in the process to ensure perfect mixing, this stuff mixes well so you won’t need to worry about lumps. Squeeze in about a tbsp of juice from an orange if you want chocolate orange mouse but if you’d prefer not to it tastes just fine without. 

    Powder in shaker. Water in shaker. Shake shaker. 
  4. Pour the mixture into the glass onto your ‘biscuit’ layer. Leave space at the top for the final layer, if you don’t use all your mixture, just pop it into little pots for snacks. I’ll go into detail in my review below but this stuff truly is a guilt free snack so don’t worry about it! 

    Again, dinosaur not necessary but recommended.
  5. Put the glass in the fridge for 30 minutes to let everything set. In that time we’ll make our final layer and you can clean up, remember what I said in my meal prep post, clean as you go! (Housemates if you’re reading this then yes sometimes I do not practice what I preach, many apologies).
  6. To make our ‘white chocolate cream’ layer we will be using greek yoghurt and MyProtein Flavdrops. Now if you’re fine with just the yoghurt that’s cool but personally I hate it so by adding about 7 drops of the Flavdrops to 90g of yoghurt you get what taste like a white chocolate cream with not a hint of yoghurt. For those of you concerned about the sucralose, no fear, MyProtein also do stevia sweetened versions of many flavours. 

    The ‘cream’ ready to go.
  7. Once the mousse is set, spoon on your ‘cream’ layer and top with a sprinkle of cacao powder/cinnamon, a few bits of orange zest and some desiccated coconut.


And there you have it, a delicious Sunday afternoon treat that is low in fat and high in protein. For the portion size I fit into my glass, the macronutrients were as follows:

Protein: 35g/Fat: 8g (of which saturates): 4g/Carbohydrates: 25g (of which sugar): 4g

Okay so in with the reviews, first of all, Muscle Mousse in Milk Chocolate.

  • Taste: As I mentioned earlier, I think it tastes really good, I don’t know if you know the ‘classic chocolate pudding’ flavour I’m thinking of but that’s the vibe I’m getting, it’s not too rich for me but it’s not sickly sweet either. You can taste that there’s a protein element, kind of like with protein powders but it’s delicious nonetheless.
  • Consistency: Also as mentioned previously, made up as per the instructions on the pack I found it a little too thick, though of course it depends on personal preference. Having tried it out with various consistencies, I can confirm that it retains a really nice fluffy mousse texture at any consistency which is a win.
  • Preparing: Couldn’t be easier to be honest. It’s exactly the same as a protein shake except you leave it to set in the fridge for a while.
  • Nutrition: If made up as per the instructions each serving contains 30g protein, ~12g carbs (~6g of which sugar) and ~1g fat (~0.1g of which saturates). It has no added sugar, is gluten free for you coeliacs out there and is fortified with BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids, which is great because we only get these from food, the human body can’t produce them). From the website:

Muscle Mousse® dessert mousse contains a scientific blend of strategic timed-release proteins which are formulated to deliver nutrients to the body over a period of hours

It does contain sucralose which of course is a man made sugar but it’s also sweetened with stevia (steviol glycosides, sounds scary but it’s perfectly natural) which makes me personally feel a lot better about it as a treat (for more info on types of sugar and stevia see my previous post). As far as macros go, this stuff is almost identical to my protein powder but has a bit more protein, so if you’re looking for a benchmark to compare it to, think protein powder (I just use MyProtein’s Impact Whey in various flavours and no, MyProtein don’t sponsor me they’re just cheap as chips so I buy loads from them, I’ll always let you know if a product has been sent to me or if I’m an ambassador for them 🙂 ).

You can purchase Muscle Mousse from their website here, big thanks to them for sending me this product to review, it’s honestly become a staple snack for when I would usually have had a protein shake so an awesome find, I even made pancakes with it the other day!


As I mentioned before I’m using a SmartShake in this recipe, anyone who follows me on social media knows I’m a big fan and long time user of this brand anyway but I’ll give you a wee rundown review.

  • Shaking: They shake well, that’s what you really want from a shaker right? Well it does that, no lumps and no leaks unlike some others I’ve tried, box checked.
  • Cleaning: Predominantly free from annoying crevices that old protein shake can fester in and easy as pie to clean, just make sure you really get into the lid as in order to make it secure it does have a few deep grooves, I use a tiny wire brush to get right in there.
  • Versatility: Here’s the thing that makes SmartShake a winner for me personally, the compartments. You know how I love to organise stuff well isn’t this just a dream come true for me. There’s the main compartment for my protein powder/BCAA, a smaller compartment with a little divider for my supplements or sometimes I just store nuts in there or a second portion of protein powder. The larger bottom compartment I store fruit, protein balls (can fit 3 small ones) or my gym padlock. And of course you can choose whether or not you have these extra compartments attached. It really is a lifesaver when I’m already carrying 75,000 tupperware boxes of food let me tell you.
  • Personalisation: Okay so not top of most peoples list for shaker prerequisites but I am a simple girl of simple pleasures and mixing up the colours on my shakers makes me happy. I recently saw someone make the Irish flag out of their green, white and orange SmartShakes and I’m honestly livid I didn’t come up with that first. Anyway, that’s my review, you know I love them and thank you SmartShake for kindly sending me one to review, the rest of my collection I bought off the website here or from MyProtein (these ones are also branded with MyProtein’s logo) here.
Oh just a casual fan y’know, wbu?

I hope you get a chance to try this recipe out because it was so yummy, let me know if you do, if you agree and how it goes! Remember you can follow me and the blog on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The next post will be about how to stay eating healthily when you’re out of your usual surroundings as I’ve had a few requests for this topic and have to deal with it first hand!

See you all then and have a good week!

A. x



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  1. Great post Ally! I can’t wait to try this recipe 😀 I found this post through Emily Skye’s fb page, I’m already in love with your blog, keep up the good work xx


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